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How to Acquire the Basic Intermediate Calisthenic Skills

It is vital to understand that a unique aspect of calisthenics training is the skills that you will learn. With these skills, you can learn to enhance body coordination, flexibility, mobility, muscle, and strength. However, there are various levels that you should start with if you are planning to start this kind of workout. In our article today, we will discuss about the intermediate skills. They are the best skills that will help you to receive a good baseline of mobility and strength. Therefore, ensure that you have the best calisthenics workout plan for you to get started.

How to Start?

push upOne of the common questions that most people ask is, how do you know if you are ready for an intermediate calisthenics workout routine? It is a simple question that most experts and trainers can answer. The intermediate skills need you to have a foundation of mobility and strength. In this case, you should start with the fundamentals only.

When we are talking about the fundamental training, you should start with a full-body training that will help you to tackle almost all the advanced moves. The essential exercises are such as bodyline, core mastery, leg work, pulling mastery, and pushing mastery.

Calisthenics Progressions

The calisthenics progressions are the significant steps towards receiving your intermediate skills. In simpler terms, sequences are the more accessible versions of the final goal. However, you should understand that each version is different. Therefore, you should prepare your body to the stress of the main move. Also, know that these skills might feel awkward at your first try. Below are the intermediate skills with their matching progressions.

Back Plank

street workoutThe back plank entails more on strengthening your posterior chain. One of the problematic parts of this move is that you will be working with your shoulder. Once you get it right, this means that you will increase your shoulder mobility. Some of the matching progressions of the back plank are such as crab lifts, back elbow plank, crab hold, crab lifts, back plank twists, back plank kicks and many more.


As a beginner, headstand is the first moves that you should try. Just like any other exercise, you will note that headstand focuses on the physical concept. For you to perform a headstand, you should form a triangle using your head and hands. Some of the matching progressions are such as elbow stand straddle, free elbow stand hold, free forearm stand hold, tripod hold, and many more.…