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What to love and where to be right now...

The jewellery / A sign of the times

Almasika was launched in Chicago by Catherine Sarr, a jewellery designer who draws from global traditions and symbols to encapsulate one singular philosophy: finding what we have in common with others. Her latest collection, Sagesse, is a sculptural collection of ancient shapes representing traditional wisdom. At the centre of the collection are three talismans: Veni, Vidi, Vici. They draw from deep cultural references, from the sign of protection in Africa to that of patience in ancient Egypt. The union of these in one collection gathers centuries-old knowledge to help guide us through the modern world.

From $850, Almasika, almasika.com

The sunglasses / Fresh perspective

Look at the world in a new light with these spectacular sunnies

Fendi Bold | £370

Parley for the Oceans
Clean Waves Archetype 01 | £200

Soulmate glasses | £95

Dolce & Gabbana
Print family sunglasses | £219

Tom Ford
Tina sunglasses | £350

The décor / Escape from Reality

Bring your holidays home with Gucci’s intricate and fantastical wallpaper designs. Tigers prowling through mysterious tropical jungles, herons floating through pink dreamlands and birds fluttering in floral gardens, absorb yourself in epic new scenery in the comfort of your house. The artwork has been inspired by Gucci’s ready-to-wear collections, from Italian artist Vittorio Accornero’s designs for Princess Grace of Monaco in the 60s to Creative Director of Gucci Alessandro Michele’s motifs and patterns. Gucci Décor, from £365, Gucci, gucci.com

Change of scene, change of self

Location, location, location – changing your surroundings is proven to have a lasting effect on our mental health and wellbeing. Here’s how:


1. Increases productivity

Being around plants, animals and natural landscapes can boost your heart rate and blood pressure, driving productivity.

2. Improves brain abilities

Stepping outside your comfort zone helps to support your brain’s neuroplasticity, helping it repair old neural connections or create new ones.

3. Changes habits

Altering your environment can reduce and slowly eliminate bad habits and introduce new, healthy ones with the help of therapists, experts and coaches.

4. Boosts mood

New colours, textures, sights and sounds can trigger new emotions and help boost happiness.

5. Improves mental health

Swapping a cityscape for a calming beach or a wild jungle will help you feel more alive and energised, and reduce feelings of anxiety.

The journal / Take note

Most of us take photos of everything, from the meals we eat to the mountains we climb, but sometimes it’s hard to recall the emotions and feeling from one image. Document your new-found freedom in Smythson’s new collection of notebooks, which playfully celebrate our rediscovery of the world around us. Record your challenges, describe your ups and downs, or simply regale cheerful tales in notebooks aptly named: ‘make it happen’, ‘swings and roundabouts’, and ‘happiness’.

Titled Notebooks, from £52, Smythson, smythson.com

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