A lady drinking whiskey

We know that last night you had so much fun and today you feel so awful. Essential nutrients and water have washed out of your body making you feel hydrated and with a terrible headache. Your liver is trying so hard to metabolize the drastic blood sugar spikes, and all of the ethanol and dips are bringing main sugar cravings, dizziness, heavy sweats, blurred vision, and shakiness.
And you are also exhausted. Fortunately, hangover patch  is as simple as drinking a lot of water, avoiding the use of alcohol, caffeine and eating healthy food. Look at this specific article to know some of the natural remedies.


a drunk manBe assured that you will enjoy the egg yolk because it has essential nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, and acetylcholine for brain boosting. However, if you won’t get excited enough, eating one egg will offer you a high percentage of your everyday value for vitamin B12. It means that consuming a sandwich of three eggs you will cure the hangover.


When you have a hangover, consuming a good banana or two is an essential way to cure it. Drinking too much alcohol can get rid of your body provision of potassium. Consuming bananas, you will fill you ill back up your body with this crucial mineral easily, cheaply and safely. So if you feel that the morning will be a tough one, you can purchase some bananas.


Honey contains antioxidant and potassium that will help to cure the hangover. You can consume it on its own, or you can as well apply it over a piece of a cracker or toast because you should consume something in times of hangover even when you don’t have the appetite. Eating your breakfast by applying honey on your toast is the perfect way to cure the hangover.


Drinking excessive alcohol can dehydrate your body. So if you want to prevent dehydration, make sure you drink enough water during the day. Drink water before going to bed, and when you wake up in the morning. A lot of people drink water when taking pain-relieving medicines only. However, keep drinking water when curing hangover because lack of water in your body will make things worse in your system.

Ginger Lemon Herbal Tea

lemons and gingerYou have a reason as to why you always take ginger ale when you have stomach pains. Ginger is an excellent natural home remedy you can use to cure, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. However, avoid extra sugary drinks and drink fresh lemon slices in hot water. Fresh lemon contains potassium and vitamin C that helps to soothe your nerves.