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Luxury manifests in many forms, for some it is being spotted in the place to be seen, blissed out on the sand with any whim or desire seamlessly catered to. For others however, luxury is found in seclusion, the unearthed hidden gems in unexpected places where the fewer the guests, the better. 

From sun-enriched Bulgarian vineyards to the golden canyons in Middle Eastern mountains, these are our favourite places to slink away from the crowds.


Canada / Sonora Resort

Located in one of Canada’s most pristine environments, Sonora Resort perches on the shoreline of the Discovery Islands under the watchful gaze of the island’s forests and mountains. Commune with nature in uninterrupted peace, whether that be following the forest trails in search of grizzly bears, floating on the island’s placid waters awaiting the arrival of Orca whales or taking to the skies in a helicopter for a tour of Discovery’s glaciers. It’s easy to lose track of days at this indulgent twist on the traditional cabin-in-the-woods getaway, and let’s be honest, when the surroundings are this good we’d all leave our watch on the bedside table.

Antiparos, Greece / The Rooster

If you think you’ve seen all the wellness retreats Greece has to offer, think again. The 17 stone-walled  houses, villas and suites scattered along the coast of Antiparos are The Rooster’s laid-back solution to slow-living wellness. Less crowded than its Cyclades siblings, Antiparos’ unspoilt beaches and expansive fields give you room to breathe and space to slow down; making it the perfect backdrop to a place whose ethos centres around life’s simple pleasures of ease, enjoyment, and fulfilment. All this packaged up in chic spaces of modern neutrals and relaxed refinement has The Rooster heading to the top of our travel wish lists.

Bulgaria / Zornitza Estate

While vineyards in the likes of France and Portugal may have the popularity vote, this low-key gem in the heart of Bulgaria’s countryside wins in a landslide for unchartered exclusivity. An easy-going, secluded family estate with all the trappings of a luxury hotel, Zornitza is happy to take the quiet road, away from the crowds. With just 15 rooms the overall feel here is one of cosy contentment, think a private sommelier tour and wine tasting followed by a gourmet meal consisting of produce sourced in-resort – all the luxuries with none of the pretention.

Oman / Alila Jabal Akhdar

When stepping off the plane in Oman forget what you think you know about the Middle East, yes there’s the desert and the bustling souks but head two hours south-west of Muscat into the mountains and you’ll discover the rocky canyons of Jabal Al Akhdar. Perched on the edge of one of these ravines sit the low-rise, rustically luxurious buildings of this Alila resort. While the rooms and amenities are everything, you’d expect from a luxury resort it is of course nature who is the scene-stealer here and with views of the surrounding AL Hajar mountains at each turn, it is easy to see why.