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Immerse yourself in a rich culture, delectable cuisine and diverse landscape – from island hideaways to enthralling cities and spellbinding coasts, it’s easy to see why Spain is so appealing.



Luxury villas, boutique hotels and family friendly resorts are dotted throughout this captivating country; whether you desire a city break or a beach holiday, you will have plenty of choice. Expect a welcoming riot of colour on your luxury holiday in Spain.

If passions run higher here today as a result of the Arab and Moorish influences, so too is the food fiercer, the wine more intense and the sense of drama stronger, manifesting itself most vividly in the flamboyancy of flamenco. Experience traditional tapas restaurants or savour Michelin-starred cuisine prepared by a world-class chef – both culinary delights in their own right.

Amidst the white-washed walls of Andalucía, festivals seem to be forever in full swing, accompanied by the strumming of acoustic guitars and dancers moving spectacularly in the moonlight. Glorious countryside and majestic mountains contrast with the stylish coastline of Estepona and Puerto Banus, where marinas overflow with luxurious yachts. In Barcelona, the streets bustle with Spanish fiestas and an array of hip bars and restaurants – the exuberance prevalent throughout.

The Canary Islands boast year-round sun – in Gran Canaria, golden sand dunes are reminiscent of Egyptian deserts, whilst in Tenerife, quaint coastal villages exude relaxation. The interior is an unspoilt sub-tropical wilderness of volcanic rock formations, fields of wildflowers, and pine forest bordering snow-capped Mount Teide.

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and is a further explosion of scents and colour – sweet smelling citrus groves blossom across the island and cobbled towns are speckled between craggy mountains.

In Palma, ancient olive trees and stone-walled gardens are hidden against a backdrop of stylish boutiques and designer bars.Serrano ham hangs from the traditional taverna ceilings in the Old Quarter, slowly drying in the salty air. Renowned for its huge number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and links to creative geniuses such Antoni Gaudí and Pablo Picasso, Spain is full of character and historical significance; a dynamic country full of culture and charm.

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Spain Essentials

Approx. Flight Times London to Málaga 2 hours 50 minutes / Mallorca 2 hours 15 minutes / Gran Canaria & Tenerife 4 hours 10 minutes
Time Difference GMT +1 hour in winter / +2 hours in summer
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Spain Hotels & Itineraries

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When to visit Spain

Mainland Spain’s climate varies from temperate in the north to dry and hot in the south. Spring and autumn are pleasant and warm whereas July and August are hot, particularly inland. In Mallorca sunshine and warm temperatures are the norm from April to October with the cooling influence of the sea preventing excessive temperatures during the peak summer months, winters are mild and dry with occasional showers. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are year-round destinations, the climate being constantly warm for most of the year with July and August being hot.

Top 5 things to do in Spain

- Meander through the streets of Barcelona identifying Antoni Gaudí's infamous architecture, such as Casa Vicens, La Pedrera and La Sagrada Familia

- Spend a day exploring Palma, with its appealing mix of designer and traditional shops, the striking La Seu cathedral and plenty of tapas restaurants

- Walk along Maspalomas Beach, considered to be one of the most beautiful on Gran Canaria. Palm trees, sand dunes and the old lighthouse all contribute to the scenic splendour

- Time your visit to coincide with one of the numerous festivals to experience the true culture of Spain. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a burst of vibrant colour and rhythm that will leave you mesmerised as people from all over the world join in the celebrations 

- Be swept along by the passion of flamenco in Andalucía. The region is known for its pulsing energy during fiestas and celebrations, so it is the ideal place to observe this passionate art form

Travel better across the Balearic Islands

With the Balearic Islands aiming to be a fully sustainable tourist destination by 2025 and to inspire you to be a more conscious and considered traveller, we can arrange sustainable experiences and activities that benefit local communities, culture and the environment.

There’s a long list of options from adrenalin-fuelled electric vintage car tours and discovering life below the water at marine science workshops in Mallorca, to the green-fingered learning all about the white island’s farming culture and taking a private solar-powered catamaran tour along the coastline in Ibiza.

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