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From Arctic Circle adventures to an enchanting Dolomite hideaway, winter experiences include husky sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and northern lights safaris. Explore Iceland's thundering waterfalls and black sand beaches or visit Father Christmas in his time-honoured Finnish home. Stay in Sweden's famed Icehotel, experience the winter charms of Vermont or join the Golden Eagle train to discover Russia's captivating cities and the frozen beauty of the Norwegian Arctic Circle.


As unique as it is transient, ICEHOTEL promises an unforgettable stay. Standing 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle it is created afresh each year by international artists - entirely hewn from ice and snow with no two ICEHOTELs ever the same. From mid December to mid April, guests can spend one night in ICEHOTEL - the temperature remaining between -5 and -8 degrees - with further nights in the cosily contemporary and warm Kaamos rooms or chalets. In addition, ICEHOTEL 365 is open every day and offers an ice experience year-round with 20 ...

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Northern Lights

September to March is the prime time for viewing the Northern Lights, with the Lapland hinterland one of the best places from which to see them due to the lack of artificial light. Although a sighting cannot be guaranteed, from your vantage point 200 kilometres above the Arctic Circle you could witness these billowing curtains of colour pulsating across the night sky, a moving kaleidoscope of blues, greens and pinks. Choices of transport include a snowmobile tour, husky sled or Icelandic horses.

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Husky Sledding

Take an exhilarating journey through the remote Arctic landscape. A magnificent pack of Alaskan huskies pulls your sled to a wilderness camp deep in northern Lapland. Experience a mushers challenging lifestyle as you travel through ancient forests, with experienced guides on hand to point out local wildlife. Tours around the Jukkasjärvi region range from taster sessions to trips involving an overnight stay, with the option to command your own team of huskies for a supplementary fee. Dog sled transfers to and from the airport can also be arrange...

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The quiet forests that flank the Lule River Valley provide the setting for an exceptional escape. Hidden away among the trees lie the seven remarkable treerooms that comprise the Treehotel, a visionary concept brought to life by founders Britta and Kent, in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects. Upon arrival, guests check in to the Guesthouse of Treehotel, before making the short stroll to their treeroom from a choice spanning the two-person Cabin, reached by horizontal bridge among the trees, and reflective calm of the pa...

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Snowmobile Tours

After a short lesson in snowmobile driving techniques, head out into the snow-bound forest around Jukkasjärvi for a guided local tour. Ideal for those who have never driven a snowmobile before, the introductory tour takes in miles of magnificent scenery where reindeer roam, stopping for a traditional lunch in one of the wilderness camps. Overnight tours are also available, along with a tour by snowmobile to seek out a sighting of the spectacular Northern Lights. Snowmobile transfers to and from the airport can also be arranged.

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Luxury Camp

An extravagant once-in-a-lifetime experience, your private heated camp brings the chance to witness Icelandic nature close-up, with no compromise on luxury. Where you camp, be it at the foot of a glacier, in a lava field, overlooking a black sand beach or by a raging waterfall, is decided following the careful planning of the adventures you'd most like to experience. The camp is set up prior to your arrival and is complete with wooden floor, separate living and sleeping tents and Finnish sauna. Providing full service with all the little extras...

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South West Iceland

Iceland packs a lot into its compact frame, from other-worldly landscapes dotted with steaming geysers, geothermal pools and thundering waterfalls to the hip hang-outs of Reykjavik. Our itinerary provides the opportunity to explore the island’s contrasting faces by Super Jeep and snowmobile, visiting spellbinding volcanic landscapes, black sand beaches and unforgettable locations such as the therapeutic Blue Lagoon, Thingvellir National Park and the Gullfoss waterfall. Enjoy a picnic lunch on a glacier, go designer shopping in the colourful cap...

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