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A longing to visit the most delectable destination or the deep desire to soak in an unfamiliar culture. Much like the ingredients that are carefully combined to create your favourite dish, your travels must contain a few essential elements: a dash of authentic exploration, a pinch of reconnection with those dearest, a sprinkle of rest and relaxation, and we instantly feel the nourishment a holiday brings.

Wherever your journeys take you, there’s something to be said for truly slowing down and savouring the experience. Indulge in the pleasure of time spent offline, or loved up luxury in faraway lands; find health and happiness in your own sweet sanctuary, or expand your mind as you feast on the heritage and history of the places you visit. Served with passion and inspiration, this collection is dedicated to those with an appetite to be out in the big wide world.

Download a copy of Savour – 50 tantalising trips to feed your travel curiosity. 


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Secret ingredients

Find your place free from the pressures of daily life >

Table for two

Discover places and spaces to nuture your most meaningful relationship >

Sweet sanctuary

Here begins your journey to a healthier and happier you >

Local flavour

Step into a whole new world feasting on heritage, history and culture >

Soul food

Seek out the lodgings that share your commitment to conservation >

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Why Carrier


We look beyond destination.
We curate exceptional experiences.

Our worldwide network, dedicated team of experts and wealth of knowledge is second to none, allowing us to open up your mind and take your breath away with awe-inspiring possibilities and new personal experiences that surprise, enlighten and transcend all expectations.

We look beyond the ordinary.
We deliver the extraordinary.

Whether it’s glamour and guest lists you desire, an escape to a place where no-one is watching and anything is possible, or an adventure that no-one has dared take before - you will have access to the top suites, the most beautiful locations and a world of exclusive privileges.

We look beyond the usual.
We deliver dreams and desires.

We now live in an era of experience; it’s not just about where you can go, but who you can be and how you can feel. Carrier curate exceptional luxury travel experiences designed to fulfil your desires, dreams and goals, so bespoke you won’t find them anywhere else.

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