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Carrier / The art of the perfect journey

The seed has been planted. Whether it’s the desire to shadow a herd of elephants on the savannahs, dance with revellers down carnival streets or search for calm in the most tranquil of forest temples – the spark has been ignited, and now it’s time to embark on a tour of the moving and unknown.

It's time to create a journey that is a work of art.

Do some soul-searching

Pinning down the sights, sounds, smells and feelings to experience on a journey is what will take it from simply leisurely to life-changing. Every destination has a character, and just how some human personalities clash, a traveller and a place may not get along at first; so some introspection is in order before hopping on a plane. There is so much to get out of an adventure, but it’s when a pursuit is fulfilled that it becomes truly remarkable.


Whittle down the options

There are different travellers who wander for different reasons – no two are the same. Every artwork needs a brief, so now the soul has been searched and the destination decided, the multiple facets of a place can be unearthed further to narrow down the possibilities. Whether it’s the USA’s wine country or wilderness, Greece’s nightlife or history, Vietnam’s resilient spirit or cuisine; it’s about creating a mood board of options to piece together the materials for the final work.

Commission an artist

Like a sculpture or painting, a trip doesn’t exist until it has been created from the ground up; and an artist can’t create their best work without getting to know their subject’s desires, goals and ambitions. It’s important to commission the right artist for the result you want because they all have their own style – we call ours a ‘Carrier curation’.


Set up the gallery

Narratives have come a long way, from the human storytelling of South Africa’s Zulu tribes to the much more contemporary social media feed. Stories don’t become stories until someone tells them – through words, paintings or photographs – and the perfect journey is bound to come with tales worth sharing. So don’t hesitate to spread the inspiration to other keen wanderers ready to commission their own work of art.

Whether it’s someone to chat to as you carry out your soul searching or someone to help you whittle down the options, we see every holiday as a work of art that we’re here to create just for you.

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