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Facts That Can Make Women With Alopecia Smile

It may be more natural to find men who are bald than seeing women with prominent hair loss. Although the condition is not life-threatening, it can be very devastating to a woman’s self-esteem. It can also lead to psychological, emotional, and physical health deterioration if it is not managed promptly and properly.

Excessive or abnormal hair loss in women is medically known as female alopecia or alopecia femminile. It can be a symptom of an underlying ailment that can be due to a gene that predisposes a female to experience female pattern hair loss. Pregnancy, infections, or medications can also cause hair loss in women. The hair loss in these instances is all temporary in nature. When the stressor is managed, hair usually grows back.

Just like with many medical conditions, it is not the end of the world for alopecia patients. There are a lot of reasons to smile. Here’s why.

modelYou Are Not Alone

Accordingly, 147 million worldwide have or will develop alopecia areata at some points in their lives. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease and is one of the most common types of hair loss. While others have accepted their condition, others may still be going through some difficult times. There are individuals with alopecia who went on to do chase their dreams and do their part in society. Everybody with alopecia can do so also.

You Can Belong

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation is an international organization of thousands of individuals with alopecia areata worldwide. It aims to give friendship, comfort, help, and strength to members by assuring each other. Being a member of such an organization that also aims to spur research about the disorder can indeed result in a feeling of belongingness to individuals with alopecia.

You Can Treat It

hairlossWhile there is still no cure for alopecia, some doctors prescribe some medications to help hair grow. Corticosteroids, which can be applied topically, taken orally, or administered through local injection, are commonly used. Other medications for alopecia are minoxidil, anthralin, DPCP, and SABDE.

You may also find hair loss shampoo with some of the medications combined with natural elements that help you grow your hair back.

Before, there is not much option for individuals with alopecia on what to wear on their heads other than hats or a head wrap. Today there are a lot of wigs to choose from. You may only have to select that suits you.…