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The world is constantly evolving; travel more so than most. Trends come and go, desires change and how people find their next journey has moved on. A big role in this is something you’re using right now – the internet. But while it may be too big to be competed with, it can very much be complimented. That’s exactly what we set out to do when we created Our World.

We know it’s easy to forget the value of something tangible, something that can be held and experienced. It’s only after fingertips graze the edges of a page, and eyes take in the glossy photos and words that create an image even more vivid than those on the paper that the artistry truly shines through. So when it came to Our World, for us it was about creating a publication that will make a statement and cut through the digital noise. Something that’s a little more modern, and a little more Carrier. Informed, insightful and entertaining, use these expertly curated pages to give a taste of the extraordinary services your clients can receive from you and the experiences to be had in all their colour-rich glory.

A sense of exclusivity

With limited copies produced, in order to make sure it only ends up in the hands of your most discerning clients, we’re only sharing this with our most valued partners.


Showcase your values of quality, craft, care and connection 

It takes the smallest of seconds to touch something and perceive its value. Clients will instantly realise the inspired, thoughtful and high level of service they can expect from you.


Make a statement 

Expertly made with high quality materials and produced using sustainable methods, we’ve created an elevated publication that will stand you apart from the rest.


Attract the right clientele

Luxury customers want to engage with beautiful and visually impactful things; cut through the noise of the digital realm with something powerfully tangible that can be held and experienced.


Inspire and initiate conversations

Help ignite those all-important discussions at the very beginning of their travel booking journey.

Thoughtfully made

Beautifully finished and produced using sustainable methods, the respect for our planet has been carefully considered in the creative process. As well as limiting the copies produced, the paper used is FSC® certified and Carbon Balanced with The World Land Trust. While the images and words were brought to life by the environmental print technology of Pureprint – whose green credentials go back 20 years when they became the world’s first CarbonNeutral® printers. We also collaborated with paper pioneers, G.F Smith, to finesse the textures and special papers of the covers. And, of course, all the packaging is 100% recyclable, even the plant-based film wraps.

We live for creating journeys that are inspirational, meaningful, and just downright wonderful. Likewise, we’ve applied this same craft to bring you something truly thoughtful and beautifully finished.

We want to ensure Our World only falls into the laps of discerning travellers who are seeking the extraordinary and will really benefit from its inspirational pages.

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Although we think nothing beats flicking through the pages of the real thing, the complete copy of Our World is available to view digitally too for those tricky on-the-go occasions.

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Download chapters

Need some speedy inspiration? Individual chapters from Our World are available to download – including the option to co-brand them with your contact details and logo.

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With limited publications available, we will be sharing this with our most valued and supportive partners. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for more copies, please apply below.

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 Keeping it in the family

As members of the luxury British brand collective – Walpole – this is a collaboration between Carrier, Pureprint and G.F Smith. Three premium brands coming together to create something bold and beautiful.